Thursday, December 10, 2009

Daniel Wallace Top 10 Movie Picks

1.  1925 The Lost WorldWhy?  Pioneering effects work by Willis O'Brien makes this silent film a must-see for any self-respecting Kong fan.
2.  1933 King KongWhy?  Skull Island is the most relentless action sequence ever committed to film.
3.  1940 FantasiaWhy?  An incredibly gutsy release for a young Walt Disney Studios; Bill Tytla's animation of the demonic "Night on Bald Mountain" sequence brings down the house.
4.  1941 Citizen KaneWhy?  One of two movies (the other being 2001) that I am powerless to turn away from if I encounter it playing on TV.
5.  1957 Bridge on the River KwaiWhy?  Alec Guinness as Colonel Nicholson takes so much pride in his bridge construction project that he becomes the villain.  An amazing performance.
6.  1961 West Side StoryWhy?  The greatest movie musical ever made, from the perfect storm of Sondheim, Bernstein, and Wise.
7.  1968 2001: A Space OdysseyWhy?  Told in 3 acts ("Dawn of Man," "Jupiter Mission," and "Beyond the Infinite"),  and I can't decide which one is the most mesmerizing.
8.  1974 Blazing SaddlesWhy?  When the action spills onto a movie set where they're filming Blazing Saddles, you know Mel Brooks has made a comedy both bizarre and brilliant.
9.  1975 The Rocky Horror Picture ShowWhy?  A great bad movie.  Rocky Horror helped the public understand movie fandom.
10.  2005 War of the WorldsWhy?  Spielberg does something amazing in this movie - he stages an epic battle between the Army and the aliens which occurs entirely off-camera.  Somehow, it manages to be all the more impressive.

George Lucas's Blockbusting book feature film writer Daniel Wallace is the New York Times-bestselling author of more than a dozen books focusing on pop-culture universes, including those of Star Wars, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics.

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