Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bob Canning Top 10 Movie Picks

1.  Casablanca, 1943.  Why?  C'mon, it's Casablanca, Bogie, Bergman - and "As time Goes By" - what's not to love?
2.  Double Indemnity, 1944.  Why?  Barbara Stanwyck gives such a deliciously devious and evil a performance in this Noir classic, it's the grandmammy of all femme fatale movies.
3.  It's a wonderful Life, 1945.  Why?  There have been moments in my life when I related to George Bailey when he was not feeling important or appreciated, and I still find myself getting misty-eyed each time I watch this movie.
4.  All About Eve, 1950.  Why?  As a produced playwright, this witty, cynical backstage story about a backstabbing actress always fascinated me, although I never experienced it in my lifetime - and hope I never do!
5.  Rear Window, 1954. Why?  The feeling of helplessness, claustrophobia and danger is so palpable every time I watch this film, I have to thank God that Alfred Hitchcock was so delightfully sadistic - and Raymond Burr was so menacing!
6.  Around the World in 80 Days, 1956.  Why?  I saw this film when I was very young and I was fascinated by the prospect of traveling by air balloon - and I still remember the audience oohing and ahhing at the scenery and gleefully responding to the cameo appearances by so many famous actors.
7.  Some Like It Hot, 1959.  Why?  This and Pillow Talk came out the same year (my favorite year) and both are still among my favorite all-time comedies.
8.  Lawrence of Arabia, 1962.  Why?  Every time I see this movie (to this day my #1 all-time favorite film), I get caught up with the vastness of the Sahara, the sweep of the story, the richness of the musical score, and the exotic locales and people.
9.  Dr. No, 1963.  Why?  When I heard that my childhood hero John F. Kennedy was very high on this book, I read it and felt the same way - and I've since read all the Bond books and have seen most of all the Bond movies.
10.  Jaws, 1975.  Why?  Just the music alone gets my heart pounding, since first seeing it I've preferred to swim in a pool rather than in the ocean.

Bob Canning is a San Francisco Bay Area produced playwright and screenwriter who spent 14 years as a copywriter at The Walt Disney Studios.

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